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San Antonio RAID Recovery

RAID data recovery for San Antonio Companies...

We recover RAID data from degraded and failed drives, offline disks, corrupt RAID configurations, failed controllers and even failed rebuild attempts!

  • Recovering RAID For San Antonio Companies Since 1997.
    (Most RAIDs can be recovered from your location using our online, remote or mobile RAID go-box recovery service options)
  • All Versions and RAID Configurations: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50.
  • All RAIDs, NAS, SAN Servers and Virtual Machines: HP, Dell, IBM, File servers, VM, SNAP, SAN and NAS devices.
  • All RAID Controller Cards: Adaptec, Promise, Highpoint, and more.
  • Database Recovery: SQL Server, Oracle, Access, DB2, Exchange Server, Peach Tree, Quickbooks and more!
  • 24/7 Emergency RAID recovery: A dedicated team of RAID engineers is assigned to your recovery 24/7 until complete. (typically 1 to 3 days).

Ask about our Mobile RAID go-box, online and remote RAID recovery service options when you call...

Over 85% of RAID recoveries can be performed with these options which saves you time and money. Plus, your data and your drives stay in your hands, so you know your data is safe and you don't have to worry about your hard drives getting lost or damaged in transit.

Don't risk permanent data loss by swapping multiple hard drives in a RAID array. Moving drives from one position to another, placing them in other RAID servers, attempting a force rebuild or re-striping the hard drives puts your company's vital data at risk. Stop now and get expert help recovering your data before it's too late!

Advanced Data Recovery's San Antonio RAID recovery services include free overnight shipping, 24/7 emergency raid recovery for time-critical situations and free FTP upload of super critical files to help get you back online faster.

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